Electronics and Telecommunication

Electronics and Telecommunication Division is devoted to play the bridging role between principals and customers to create a win-win environment for all parties.

Being a “World-Class Total Solution Provider” has been the ultimate goal of the Lumax Group since its foundation. It is more than clear that the life cycle of each and every kind of electronic products is getting shorter in an unpredictable business environment. Also, the influence of the Greater China markets surpasses that of the West despite their long dominant position in the past. To play a better role bridging the gap between customers in Greater China and international principals, Lumax is heading toward the goal of ”Total Solution Provider”.

To serve customers in the Greater China area, Lumax’s Electronics and Telecommunication Division has agented a score of international brands: Nitto Denko, ZTT, TFC, and Scroff for telecommunication materials as well as Lite-On, Liteon-Semi, and Weltrend for electronic components. Based on our devotion to meeting customers’ needs in one-stop shopping and tailor-made services, this division not only provides full range sales and FAE teams but also established offices in Taiwan, Suzhou, and Shenzhen for localized services. With respect to logistics, Electronics and Telecommunication Division also can meet any demand in inventory management, cross-border delivery and various value added services.