From a small apartment entrepreneurial team to a listed company in Taiwan, Lumax International Corp., Ltd., has always adhered to the corporate philosophy of “Solid Management and Sustainable Growth.”


Lumax: A Successful Story that Started from One Small Apartment

Like the Silicon Valley Garage business legends, Lumax was founded by a few National Cheng Kung University and National Taiwan Normal University students in 1975 who made their way to a fortune in a small apartment in Taipei. After decades of the founders’ efforts, Lumax was transformed into a listed company whose influence now covers the Greater China market and has over 600 employees.

It is remarkable that more than four decades after the several co-founders’ collaboration, they still choose to work together day and night at their job posts and share the responsibility of corporate operations.


Lumax Integrates Excellent Products of World-class Enterprises and Plows the Greater China Market with its Customers

Lumax’s strengths lie in its being the only professional firm in Taiwan that has extended its reach across two fields: process control and electronics/telecommunication. Lumax has not only effectively applied first-line brands such as Emerson, GE, Lite-On, and Nitto Denko’s product advantages, but has also successfully entered the semiconductor, petrochemical, iron and steel, power, and other high-entry barrier markets through long-term market networking, customized and value added services, and its very own R&D products. It is worth noting is that Lumax and leading firms in other industries such as CPC, Formosa Plastics Group, Taiwan Power Company, China National Petroleum Corporation, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Delta, and other high-tech firms under the traditional industries category have had long-term business relations, indicating Lumax’s viability has earned it customers’ recognition.


Lumax Insists on Taking its Own Path: Solid Management, Sustainable Growth, and Saying No to Blind Expansion

Over the past 45 years, Lumax has experienced the energy crisis and global financial turmoil twice, but as the company adhered to the corporate philosophy of “Solid Management and Sustainable Growth” and said no to blind expansion, it was able to cope with the environmental changes and achieve steady growth. With the collaborated efforts of the Company’s business team and employees, Lumax was time and again elected as one of the “Top 500 Service Companies” by CommonWealth Magazine and noted as the “Best SME in Asia Pacific” by Forbes Magazine in 2009.

Looking ahead, Lumax shall continue to expand the Greater China market and share with its customers, vendors, employees, and shareholders the fruit of success.