Lumax 2011/Q3 Operation Results
‧Consolidated Profits:
2011/Q1-Q3 net profits were NT$ 510 million which marked a 37.94% growth on a year-over-year basis. The after-tax EPS was NT$ 4.73.

‧Consolidated Sales:
2011/Q1-Q3 consolidated sales reached NT$ 5,407 million, a 18.98% growth from previous year.

‧Consolidated Gross Margin Rate:
2011/Q3 consolidated gross margin rate was 22.3% which was improved from previous year.

‧Process Control vs. Electronics/Telecommunication Sales Breakdown:
Process control division accounted for 52% of total revenue, and Elec/Telecomm accounted for 48%.

‧Taiwan-based vs. China-based Operation Sales/Profit Breakdown:
Taiwan and China-based operation accounted for 44.6% and 55.4%of total revenues separately. As to the contribution to operation income, Taiwan and China accounted for 42.1% and 57.9%.
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